I Hope So Too: McCain Debate Expectations/The Data Matter edition

Heard on NPR today:

McCain, speaking at a fundraiser in NYC last night:

“I hope I do half as well as Governor Palin against poor old Joe Biden.”

First up:  “Old” Joe Biden.  That would be Senator Biden, born Nov. 20 1942, or more than six years after the birth of one John McCain III, born August 29, 1936.

That is to say, if Biden is old, I guess that makes the top of the GOP ticket positively medieval.

But McCain’s attempt to diminish his much more accomplished Senate colleague is the side show here.  What got my attention was the bar he set for himself, to do a fraction as well as his running mate had in her debate.

He might want to rethink that a bit.  Last time I checked, this was the outcome of that bout:

CNN Snap poll:  Biden wins — 51%.  Palin wins:  36%.

(See also this more long-term take on the way the debate played, buried in the weeds of yesterday’s surprising CBS/NYT poll –h/t John Cole.)

This is ancient history, of course — but y’all recall that Biden won on every card.

So, strangely, I find myself in complete agreement with Senator McCain, just this once.  I hope he does half as well as Sarah Palin too.

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