A Little Weekend Palin/Physics Snark

A few of us were sitting around the dinner table last night, including one very smart physicist (who shall remain nameless to protect all and sundry).  After a little obligatory LHC conversation, in which phrases like Kaluza-Klein particles were bandied about recklessly, we started talking on the campaign.

Contemplating the honorless, joyless slog that has become the McCain campaign, not to mention what seemed like its surprising seemingly foolish decisions of the last few weeks, I wondered if there were a fundamental unit, a quantum of stupidity.

Why yes, of course — the answer came to several of us in a flash.

The quantum of folly is the palon.

Moving on from there, I began to think.  The supersymmetric partner to the palon would, by convention be called the Spalon — but I wonder if a more descriptive name wouldn’t be the McCain Bozo-n.

And of course, the particle emitted in a collision between a palon and the hard nub of reality — think of the crash between faith in abstinence education and the actual practice of teenagers — would have to be a palino.

Don’tcha think?

Image:  El Greco, “Allegory of a boy lighting a candle in the company of an ape and a fool,” 1589-92.  Source:  Wikimedia Commons.

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One Comment on “A Little Weekend Palin/Physics Snark”

  1. Intriguing, Thomas. I discuss some implications of the hypothesis here.

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