Yet Further To McCain’s Gambling Problem

We’ve seen today what can happen when you go all in on a risky bet.

What McCain can now do, after having inserted himself into the bailout, urged his caucus to support it, and seen the dice roll hard against both his stated views and his claim to lead his own party, much less the nation, I have no idea — and neither, apparently, does he.

So I can’t say I’ve seen anything over the last few days to make me revise my impression that McCain’s likely behaviour as President would be any different from that of any other craps player betting against the house.

But I’ve turned up some new resources to help put McCain and what we know of his gambling habits in context.

Here’s the invaluable Jen-Luc Picard, learning calculus from craps.

And here, via David Munger, is a nice piece from the Times two years ago on research into impulsive behavior.

And here’s David’s own take on trying to assess the personalities of the candidates, using a classic psychological experiment to measure tolerance for risk.

Image:  Released under the GNU Free Documentation License.  Source:  Wikimedia Commons.

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2 Comments on “Yet Further To McCain’s Gambling Problem”

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