The New Meme: What is John McCain so Scared Of…

That he can’t let Palin out of his sight?

(secondary theme:  “if she can’t handle Tom Brokaw, how’s she going to do if she has to face Vladimir Putin?”

(recapitulation:  The McCain people must be really terrified of what might happen if the American people ever really got to know Sarah Palin.”

In other words — don’t let the fact that the campaign has decided that Palin can never, ever be let off script be seen for anything than what it is:  an act of desperation by a campaign quaking at the sound of the penny dropping.

Image: Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, “Equestrienne At the Circus Fernando,” 1888. Art Institute of Chicago.  Source:  Wikimedia Commons.

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One Comment on “The New Meme: What is John McCain so Scared Of…”

  1. Eric Roston Says:

    From Wash Post “The Trail” blog this morning:

    Even on the friendliest imaginable turf, Palin delivered roughly her same stump speech at her first solo campaign rally — a version of the speech she gave at the convention a week before — and used both written notes and a teleprompter to do so. She digressed only to note how incredible Alaska’s role in national politics has become, and to half-apologize for arriving by such fancy transport.

    “Even the state’s luxury jet — it’s sold,” she said, citing her accomplishments as governor. Then, looking out at her campaign plane, she added, “I say that, hopefully not sounding hypocritical, as you watch me walk off that.”

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