Tim has Competition for the Palin Snark Prize…

…from the Post’s usually more acquiescent Richard Cohen.  Recall that I awarded Tim from Balloon Juice for that prestigious award for this post.  Now in a column that is astonishingly rich in the Pirana Brothers‘ most feared weapon, Cohen gets off a wealth of zingers.  Given my many years of middle and high school Latin, I have to give pride of place to this.  Weighing Newt Gingrich’s praise of Palin as a national security treasure, given her time as head of the Alaska National Guard, Cohen writes:

It’s a pity Gingrich was not around when the Roman Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, better known by his nickname Caligula, reputedly named Incitatus as a consul and a priest. Incitatus was his horse.


I’ll have more to say about Palin’s science gap later today, so for now, consider this a bit of entertainment to have with your mid-afternoon coffee and cookies.

(What?  You don’t break for coffee and cookies around 3.  You should.)

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5 Comments on “Tim has Competition for the Palin Snark Prize…”

  1. HP Says:

    You know, I thought of the Incitatus connection a few days ago. I thought I’d come up with something really original, but when I googled “Sarah Palin”+Incitatus, I got over 600 hits. Cohen’s behind the curve.

    In light of recent revelations, though, I’d like to nominate this post from August Pollak: “John McCain has essentially picked an episode of the Jerry Springer show to be his vice-president.”

  2. Tom Says:

    Ah well — that puts me even further behind the curve. Cohen really did get some good licks in with this column, though.

  3. Kaleberg Says:

    I always said the president that Bush reminds me of most was Caligula, except that Caligula was smarter.

  4. Google is the death of self-congratulatory originality!

    As further proof, I googled “self-congratulatory originality”. Close but not the first.

  5. By the way, you have to at least consider Samantha Bee for your highly esteemed prize.

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