News Flash: Dog Bites Man take two — McCain does not care about global warming

I’ve said this already, here and here. Now its official, and all over the liberal end of the blogosphere.

Well — kind of official, in exactly the way one might expect such things to go down.  McCain himself still promotes his global warming straight talk on his campaign site — but just in case any of those who really matter get worried that the “maverick” ™ senator might really mean to stray out of the petroleum corral, a mutually trusted messenger, Steve Forbes, gets tasked to deliver the nod-and-wink.

I’ve said before that Barack Obama won the science primary.  Now, on at least one significant issue at the intersection of science and politics, the choice between the last two candidates standing has become that much more clear.

(That last link is there for historical context — it takes you to Donald Kennedy’ s speech on climate change in the context of a presidential election in 2000.)

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2 Comments on “News Flash: Dog Bites Man take two — McCain does not care about global warming”

  1. McCain sounds to reporters as though he’s talking straight because he’s so emphatic when he talks with them. Problem is he can do emphatic on mutually exclusive positions. The reporters hear what they want to hear because of his blunt speaking and they run afoul of what Paul Ekman calls the Brokaw hazard. (Yes, I’m reading Telling Lies at the moment.) They think plain speaking signifies honesty. Here, it doesn’t.

  2. Samual Says:

    Great read, deff worth a subscription

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