Days when it is too easy being Jon Stewart

Update: Never underestimate the power of the intertubes. Seems the McCain ’08 web gurus need a little more seasoning. They enabled comments (reviews, actually) of the golf gear mentioned below. Reviews they got — and somehow managed to miss the content of those comments for nine pages worth of thoughtful criticism. The function has been disabled now, sadly, and the offending comments removed, but not before John Cole and especially his inimitable chorus got a chance to weigh in. Enjoy.

Later update: From the comment thread at DKos, via John Cole.  You just can’t make this stuff up.


This isn’t a political blog. Rather, it approaches politics when and as some scientific aspect makes the link — either when politics impinges on science, or when scientific ideas or approaches illuminate some argument happening in the public square.

But sometimes the sheer absurdity of it all is too much for such fine distinctions.

I mean — if I were a political comedian, what use could I make of this?

Here’s the visual:

Image: Lillian Fiske Thompson “Jerome D. Travers, Esq. Four times Amateur Champion of the United States,” 1915. Commissioned by Golf Illustrated & Outdoor America. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

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One Comment on “Days when it is too easy being Jon Stewart”

  1. Duhbya has a lot of gear to auction on behalf of McSame since Duhb pretended that he gave up golf for appearances’ sake.

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