Quote of the Week (not for the weak of stomach)

From PZ Myers:

I don’t know about you, but a system that muddles excretion with reproduction and that allows random lizards to crawl up your butt and squat in your oviduct doesn’t sound like great engineering to me.

I’m so sorry I read that before lunch.  That’ll teach me to procrastinate by wandering the blogosteppes.

Image:  Aelbert Cuyp, “Rooster and Hens,” 1652.  Source:  Web Gallery of Art.

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3 Comments on “Quote of the Week (not for the weak of stomach)”

  1. JasonR Says:

    Not sure what to make of the butt gecko, but the avian cloaca is a great design for flight if it means fewer parts and less weight on take off.

  2. Ah, the best of all possible avian cloacas! But why no redesign for flightless birds?

  3. steppen wolf Says:

    Because the design was only done in seven days, silly! Those birds then must have unlearned how to fly…their fault, really. One can’t be there at the drawing table all the time….seven days of work (uninterrupted), 4 billion years of holiday….oops, I meant, 10,000…..

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