Housekeeping — belaboring the obvious edition

So, no blogging at all since last Saturday. Why?  Not for lack of material.

Last week of term, folks.  Two theses as yet unscrutinized, hordes of last minute seniors asking for dispensations from this or that, and so on.  I’m new enough to the academy still to be caught by surprise at the complete derangement of these few days.

Real blogging resumes tomorrow.  Apologies to all.

So, to ring this crazed moment in the year out, out out, here’s a video I had been saving for August 9th in honor of Amedeo Avogadro’s birthday (and the anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation from the Presidency.  The day is, of course, the anniversary of  with , much more dreadful event.)

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One Comment on “Housekeeping — belaboring the obvious edition”

  1. Andrew M Says:

    I found myself the other day listening again to the Royal Philharmonic’s album of Queen covers that I got from the Lewis Library, which is absolutely incredible. Not surprising, as Queen is the best rock band for the orchestral treatment, bar none. I hope that people in the future see past the just the camp and spectacle to the true musical genius.

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