Saturday Random Post: Really Bad Lyrics edition.

Overheard this morning on NPR’s Cartalk.

From a song leading into one of the breaks:

300 miles to Winnemucca

I drive a van; I ain’t no trucka’

Top that if you can.

Image:  John Constable, “The Hay Wain,” 1821.  Location:  The National Gallery, London.  Source:  Wikimedia Commons.

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4 Comments on “Saturday Random Post: Really Bad Lyrics edition.”

  1. Eric Roston Says:

    I can only think of examples of forced rhymes that actually work: Lyle Lovett’s “…Put down that fly swatter/And get me some ice water”; and Tom Waits’ “…Don’t have to ask permission/If I wanna go out fishin’.”

  2. All I can think of at the moment is Steve Miller:

    I wanna reach out and grab ya.

    But this could go on forever.

  3. eyesoars Says:

    How about the verse from The Decemberists’ song _Sons and Daughters_:

    Take up your arm
    Sons and daughters
    We will arise from the bunkers
    By land, by sea, by dirigible
    We’ll leave our tracks untraceable now

  4. I really thought this comment thread would have a hundred examples by now.

    One I heard this morning, Sting’s De Do Do Do:

    And when their eloquence escapes me
    Their logic ties me up and rapes me

    Uh, Sting baby, their eloquence has escaped you (in, by the way, a structurally similar way to Hillary’s late gaffe).

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