“Good to see you. Good to see anyone!”…

…quoth Keith Richards in the new Scorsese concert film, Shine a Light...

Which is his way of acknowledging something a lot of folks have wondered at:  the astonishing fact that Keith is still looking at the grass from the top down.

All of which is my backhanded way of apologizing for the long hiatus; your blogger just survived hell week — hosting visits to MIT by David Macaulay and Chris Eyre. Great people both of them, lots to say, but all consuming.

I’ll blog both of their visits separately, (in David’s case, probably in more than one post, as he was visiting MIT on what I hope is the first of a series of micro-fully realized residencies, and he and I spent two days popping into busy people’s lives with a mandate to ask “what’s going on” across a wide range of disciplines and approaches to the problem of figuring out how the material world works. Kid in a candy store time for both of us.

So this is just to say I’m back, and to offer a few Sunday-type posts to entertain those faithful who have stuck around during the dry week. Regular posting resumes….


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