A Modest Proposal: Red State Edition

John Cole and his ever-retiring community of commenters is having a lot of fun with the latest from Erick over at Red State.

Now I don’t intend to skew this blog towards politics, or even the theater of the absurd performance under review at Balloon Juice. But you have to admire the sheer joy with which the comment thread threw itself into the assigned role.

Check out especially the intriguing recipe offered by C. Bear about 4/5ths of the way down the thread (stamped 2/13 2:21 a.m. I do believe that some folks have got to get lives.)

Johnathan Swift would be proud.

Update: Link to Balloon Juice fixed.

Image: Francisco de Goya, “Saturn devouring his child,” 1819. Source: Wikimedia Commons

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2 Comments on “A Modest Proposal: Red State Edition”

  1. The link to Balloon-juice is a little screwed up. Should be this.

  2. Tom Says:

    Fixed above. Thanks.

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