A question about bloggers…

Live from the Science Blogging Conference in North Carolina. At the bar this evening the conversation turned to the following question:

What is the correct collective noun for a group of bloggers?

Animals are easy, and delightful: You’ve got your pride of lions, your murder of crows, a clowder of cats or an exaltation of larks, and many more. (The birds are especially good)

But what about us?

Beer and vodka fueled a few suggestions:

As in…an opinion of bloggers; a cacaphony of bloggers — or, related, a din of bloggers; or even, in a very obscure two step pun, a course of bloggers….

….as you can probably tell, it’s late here in Research Triangle Park, and I can’t say that any of the possibilities we’ve come up with satisfies.

Consider this an invitation.

Image: Józef Chełmoński‘s painting of a siege of cranes, 1871. Source: Wikipedia Commons.

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One Comment on “A question about bloggers…”

  1. rlfreund Says:

    Just saw the pic of you and “PZ” up at scienceblogs (Pharyngula linked to it, if you haven’t seen it). Nice!

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