Red State code pretty some day

Check out Atrios’s posting of a truly, howlingly funny cri de coeur from the technological vanguard of the Right’s net brigades, a plea for cash and web help from RedState.

For real, workplace procrastination pleasure, read the comments thread. If you truly want to hear the leftroots in full, happy voice, follow the jump in the comments thread.

The Kossacks are having fun too...

One language note: I’m pretty sure I’m very late to this party, but it is amazing to me how thoroughly LOL Cats dialect  has become a kind of Web creole.  Sample quote from the Atrios comment thread: “I can haz HTML skillz?”

lolcats funny cat pictures

After reading a LOL cats version of “The Wasteland,” nothing surprises me.

What’s science and the public square got to do with all this? Not much, except to speculate on why anybody, right left or orthogonal, would find it that hard to hire web help.

So I’ll speculate away: the right has been happy to opine on all kinds of inherent distinctions in different groups’ intelligence. Far be it from me to go down that unhappy road, but could there be some inverse correlation between adolescent right wing politics and a capacity to handle unforgivingly machine logic? Just askin….

Image: LOL Cats:

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6 Comments on “Red State code pretty some day”

  1. […] blog has had occasion to wonder at the internet-mainstreaming of LOLCats speech before — noting with astonished […]

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    hahha i love lolz rofl rofl i ❤ catz

  5. jackson Says:

    you sad basturds

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