Dog bites man: More Huckabee Hates Science

It is kind of pointless to keep on harping on how much Huckabee is clueless about the all the important stuff, but this man really cannot be allowed to be President. Along with everything else, decades of American leadership in science and its wealth-creating applications will be held hostage.That’s hardly news: Biblical literalism and scientific inquiry are incompatible, full stop. But from Daily Kos’s excellent science diarist DarkSyde comes the latest completely predictable folly:

Where would an avowed Creationist get to spout unchallenged about scientific accuracy, let alone biology, with any credibility? If you’re Mike Huckabee in America 2007, that would be on Meet the Press this weekend:

In that interview, Huckabee states that it is a settled matter scientifically that life begins at conception — a claim so muddled, as DarkSyde documents in detail, that in the famous contemptuous line, it’s not even wrong. (It’s meaningless.) Dog bites man; what else would one expect in this context?Huckabee, I think, is rapidly becoming a sideshow. The longer he lasts in the primary campaign, the better, I believe for the Democrats. But he points to a deeper problem: the US, its media elites at least, are complacent in their ignorance of science. Huckabee and his less overtly outrageous fellow travellers in the rest of the GOP field deepen that well of false “knowledge” every time they speak with authority and deliberate error on science. The more people believe that science is just what they say it is, the more rapid and irreversible will be the inevitable American decline.Apocalypse, eh? What can I say. It’s been a very bad year.Here’s hoping for better to come. Happy New Year everyone.

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